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appetizers nachos big mikes cary apex
Fritos, pork, baked beans, blue cheese slaw & Big Mikes sauce

beer cheese, chopped BBQ, hot sauce, jalapeño ranch

Mac ‘n’ cheese, topped with pork & salt ‘n’ vinegar chip topping

appetizers wings big mikes cary apex
Dry rubbed, slow smoked then flash fried, tossed in house rub

appetizers big mikes cary apex
Pork, collards & chow chow or smoked chicken, blue cheese, hot sauce, buffalo blue sauce
Big Mikes delicious pulled pork BBQ sandwich
Eastern style, choice of slaw

Dry rubbed and smoked, choice of slaw

Smoked low and slow, no sauce, choice of slaw

big cheesy sandwich
Double grilled pimento mac & cheese sandwich stuffed with BBQ, sweet pickles & BBQ sauce

Choice of chopped meat, choice of slaw, Big Mikes sauce, chicharrones

Chopped smoked chicken, Dukes mayo, pot liquor, chicharrones, bibb lettuce, white bread

Homemade pimento cheese, crunchy ciabatta

baconana pudding
Banana Pudding   $4
Baconana Pudding   $5
brisket with sides
Platters come with choice of two sides – pot liquor and honey butter available upon request

Eastern style, hand chopped

Brined and smoked, hand chopped

beef brisket
Smoked low and slow for 14 hours

Chopped BBQ, chicken BBQ, brisket, smoked jalapeño sausage, smoked wings

Babyback, half rack, dry rubbed, lightly sauced

Beer brined, flash fried, dry rubbed

Choice of 3 scratch-made sides plus cornbread

big mikes bbq meats apex cary
Chopped BBQ, chicken BBQ, brisket, smoked jalapeño sausage, two wings, cornbread
Kale, shredded carrots, crispy fried sweet potatoes, white balsamic vinaigrette

Hydroponic bibb lettuce, pickled onions, cherry tomatoes, chicharrones, jalapeño dressing
Hand chopped per order, Eastern NC vinegar sauce

Dry rubbed, hand chopped per order

Dry rubbed, smoked 14 hours

Fresh jalapeño, nitrate free
smoked gouda mac ‘n’ cheese
smoked potato salad
baked beans
collard greens
cucumber salad
tater tots
cole slaw
blue cheese cole slaw
kale slaw
Granny’s cornbread
seasonal veggie

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